Our Mission

Our mission is to use smart, deliberate data collection to uncover the needs of the community and barriers to those needs being met; then to translate those insights into social action using modern methods and platforms.

We began our mission by hosting a free ESL course and holding "urgent-need workshops" such as resume writing and navigating the online application process. Beginning with a low-cost, more personal form of community aid is strategic for our organization in several ways. It allows us to remain within our limited budget while collecting rich, detailed information from various segments of the population and making the beginning ripples of true impact. It also allows us latitude to develop relationships with a wide range of people and organizations who are already working to make a positive difference in the College Park Community to develop an understanding of some commonly faced challenges and potential solutions.

Our Story

At the crux of the group is Founder Melanie Morales who grew up in the heart of College Park in PG County, witnessing community disparity and barriers to success that to her seemed unfair and avoidable. With childhood friend Harold and new connection Sarah (yours truly), Melanie decided that although she didn't quite know what to do, doing nothing was no longer an option. We decided to form Komunumo and try our hand at a new brand of community improvement. Just by reaching out and being open to new connections, we have met the kindest people whose advice and networks have been invaluable. We are incredibly proud to be part of a community with so many members willing to help one another! The characters are and will always be the best part of Komunumo's story.

Meet the Team


Melanie Morales

Founder & CEO

An active member of the College Park community and certified Instructional Designer with a Master's in Health IT. Local Soccer and Basketball Coach.

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Sarah Scholl

Co-Founder & Vice President

Sarah has a background in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Capital. She supports Komunumo remotely from Arizona.


Harold Jimenez

Co-Founder & Alimentor

Harold is Komunumo's third co-founder and supports from his home in New York.

Join the community

We are always on the lookout for self-starting volunteers. If you are interested in lending your talents, please contact us! We would love to welcome you to the team.